Featherdale Wildlife Park - A Great Day Out For The Family!


I took some time out today from my job at window cleaning Sydney, to share with you a recommendation for entertainment that is both local, and enjoyable in the Sydney region of New South Wales.

When it comes to great days out for the family, Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney is an excellent option. At the time of writing, our family was able to enjoy FREE entry because of the Sydney based state government allowing $25 entertainment vouchers as part of the Covid-19 economic stimulus.

Featherdale Wildlife Park - Sydney Australia

It's not always the case that what will appeal to adults will also appeal to children. However, this wildlife park is an exception. Although the size of the park is not enormous, they pack a lot of fauna variety into such a small space.

I just want to say, though, that packing a lot into a small space does not have it's negative side. For instance, putting owls into a cage that is only a few metres long must be a little on the harsh side. It is clear that land prices in Sydney are exorbitant, and good viewing opportunities are only available when there are fewer places for the animal to hide, but still......

That worry aside, our family found the park to be a great place to visit, and we are sure you will too.

Family Day Out in Sydney

The park itself is located to the North of the city, obviously in a more rural area. This is great if you live in North Sydney, however, if you live in the South East, as we do, you will need around $12-22 in tolls...each way.

However, despite the costs involved, we found excellent souvenir bargains, very cheap, when we visited the store. For instance, we found leather coin wallets for only $2! Those bargains more than made up for the toll costs that we incurred travelling there.

But, what exactly will you find there?

Featherdale Wildlife Park - Great Variety!

To locate the wildlife park, simply consult a local business directory, or use any search engine to find the precise details.

As for the variety of animals, the majority of them are indigenous to Australia, and what variety there is! For instance, just feet apart from each other, you'll find crocodiles and finches,  Tasmanian devils and Koalas, Ghost bats and Dingoes. So, if you are not an avid camper, and your children have never experienced the best of the Australian outback, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

There is seemingly no end of the varieties of animals that we saw in our trip. Everything from crocodiles, to dingoes, to echidnas, to rare birds, kangaroos, koalas, wallabies, bats, owls, and many, many more!

I have attached a map below showing the locations of everything. This is only a photo of a signposted map in the park, but obviously, although it is not an official print, the photograph is accurate at time of taking.

Featherdale Wildlife Park - Sydney

Australian Fauna and Flora

Where Is It And When Is It Open? 

Featherdale Wildlife Park is open daily from 9am to 4pm with the exception of Christmas Day. We went there at around 2pm. This meant that we missed some of the live activities, but we also missed the strongest sunlight which can make the day less enjoyable.

Ticket prices might appear a little steep with adults at $35, Pensioners at $32, and Students at $32...however, what makes the deal really great is that a paying adult can bring in up to 4 children at no extra cost!

Also, if you have the Service New South Wales vouchers(current at time of writing), you can get a free adult pass too, meaning that the whole kit and caboodle can go in free!

The drive there is around an hour from Bondi and the Eastern Suburbs, considerably less if you live north of the Harbour. So, all in all, there is nothing so off putting about a day out there that you should think twice about it. We highly recommend you visit the park and enjoy it as we did!!

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9am-4pm Daily