Sydney Simply Amazing!


Sydney Experience

Let me tell you something...when it comes to seeing all that Sydney has to offer, I have seen the lot. You see, I don't just look out of the window and watch the world go by....oh no! I am the one outside of the window, cleaning it, watching the world go by!

In my 22 years as head of window cleaning Sydney, I have seen just about everything that you can imagine, and then some.

So, you can only imagine what goes on inside of windows, and I've seen it all. Some things I was happy to see, others make you feel ill...but I saw just about all of them. One thing is for sure, though, when it comes to Sydney, I can give you the best tour you'll ever have!

Sydney Culture

How It All Starts

It all starts with a bang, with the New Year. The bridge gets a roasting as thousands of fireworks depart from it's steely frame. It has to be the best fireworks display you'll ever see, and it is one of the first places in the world to experience the birth of another year. However, for Sydney, the 1st January is literally just the beginning!

The great thing about January 1 is that it is summer. That means the weather is great to do just about anything, and pretty much anything is exactly what happens in the Harbour City.

With a full two months of summer to go, and only one behind you, Sydney is just warming up on January 1, and I don't just mean the temperature!

Start as you mean to go on they say, and Sydney does just that.

Sydney's Modernising - Gathering Pace

One of the reasons that Sydney is fast becoming a top World city for liveability is it's fantastic transport system. Recent modernisations such as the Light Rail from Randwick and Kingsford mean that travel to the city is both cheap and fast. It is also a fantastic way to see the suburbs and city itself because it is pretty much an above ground underground, as you would find in London, or New York. This rail system is superior to London Underground because it is cleaner, less congested, and offers commanding views on all lengths of it's journey.

If that wasn't enough..wait, there's more! Sydney is also building a World class underground rail system under the city. Well, it already has an underground rail system, but it is being completely modernised, becoming an urban beacon for the 21st century. New stops are being added, existing stations are being thoroughly modernised. With the trend towards remote employment, Sydney's transport is making working in the City Centre both easy, and attractive.

A Perfect Climate - Well, Nearly...

Sydney is a one of the only Australian cities that is rarely too hot, and rarely too cold. This is a perfect city for outdoor activities. Summer is usually a shade under 30 degrees Celsius, and winter is around 17 degrees, making it attractive for sports, sight seeing, and work.

When I say that it is nearly perfect, I mean that summers are a shade too humid, winters can have chilly mornings, and there is rain at regular intervals throughout the year. As such, it is hard to beat Sydney for outdoor doings, but it is not perfect...nowhere is frankly!

So, What's Next?

Of course, Sydney is not the only town in Oz. We are going to explore this land, and do it in style! First of all, though, keep an eye out for what I will show you next about the real capital of Australia, the one, the only, the best, Sydney Australia!!